My Best Friend Is Trying to Kill Me

Today, I’m cold. I sit on my hands, hoping that the couch and my butt can keep them a little more warm than they currently are, and I excitedly tell my therapist that after I’ve finally downloaded that app we’ve been discussing for a couple of weeks. I know that I've lost a lot of weight in two days, but it’s probably just weird midweek fluctuation. And I’m fine. I have energy! I’m even working out. Yes, Chris, I’m eating more to accommodate for whatever calories I burn while working out. I’m fine.

The New Tech Trophy Wife

Trophy wives in tech used to be exactly like trophy wives in any other context, or like any other expensive item: to have and to hold til death (or a mistress) do them part. The new tech trophy wife, however, is a little different. Amazingly described by @PennyRed on Twitter, the new tech trophy wife "isn’t the hot young model. It’s the most brilliant, accomplished woman you can get to give up her career to have your kids."