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Here’s an email address. If you use it to send an email, your message will probably get to Chapin’s inbox, but who, honestly, can guarantee the delivery of emails?

Just kidding. Email Chapin. They’re nice. They’re cute. They’ll respond.

You can also follow Chapin on Twitter to see their incredibly random Tweets. Some of those Tweets have been featured in Refinery29, The Mighty, Yahoo Lifestyle, SELF, and BuzzFeed, so perhaps it’ll be worth your while. There was this one time they were in VOGUE, and even though you can’t contact them through VOGUE, you should check that out.

Make sure to let them know about why you think mental illness, sexuality, terrorism, and Donald Trump are boring topics they should stop writing about.

And for the love of all that is holy, please do not contact them elsewhere. In the popular vernacular, people call that “stalking” and it’s frowned upon/a jailable offense.

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