Here are some links (which will take you to pages which are within this website, don’t you worry) which Chapin would say accurately shows their breadth and talent whereas writing is concerned. Disagree? Contact Chapin to let them know.

This one here is a chit chat Chapin had with Irvine Welsh about heroin and why he believes all cities are the same. It’s not bad.

This next one is about champagne. It’s also about pain. Take your pick.

Onward, you’ll find a first-person account of what the most commonly diagnosed eating disorder feels like.

And similarly, in this next one, you’ll hear what it’s like to be obese, but also, a “normal” weight.

Onto a totally different realm, let’s dive deep into some fiction with a piece about drugs, knives, spoons, and other assorted cutlery.

If you’ve been to New York, you know what it feels like when the lights flicker out on the subway. Here’s a quick reminder of that weird, purgatorial place.

And if you want to read more about drugs, hop on over to hear how they kept one man warm in a very cold winter.


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