Chapin Langenheim is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, holding a BFA in Creative Writing with a focus on Publishing.

They published their first novel at seventeen and watched it get banned in three countries after two weeks on the market, a fact which fuels the hate-fire that compels them to stay up all night, writing more books and editing other people’s. Write sober, edit exhausted. It’s a good life.

Currently, they’re the coordinating editor at Wolfram Research, a company you’ve definitely heard of if you’ve used Wolfram|Alpha for homework help, like, ever. In the past, they’ve worked as an acquisitions editor for Hair Trigger, an award-winning anthology. They’ve also worked as an associate editor on Punctuate: A Non-Fiction Magazine (which you probably saw in Writers&Poets, if you read that sort of thing). In addition, they spent a good year and a half tutoring extensively in the Fiction Department at their college, mainly to instill a love of books and a hatred of people in their tutees, but also to warm the endless winter of their blackened soul when their tutees experience breakthroughs in their work.

They wouldn’t exist without stories. Let them tell you some.


© Chapin Langenheim, 2018